Do you believe in magic? I do…

Every day I see magic happening around me, so what do I do? I catch it in my memory and transform it in things, very tasty things 🙂

It all started when I was a child and my beautiful, elegant granny Ela
brought her first pair of french shoes and a recipe of a french dessert directly from Paris! It was a time when something French was sort of a unicorn, everybody heard of but nobody actually saw one. Don’t need to say that dessert my granny did was so delicious I can still remember the taste and you can taste one as well if you drop by for a coffee at my place.
Well, it’s all started back then…
However, my path was taking me sideways to math and economy, also chemistry and planty of life lessons that all together shaped my idea of a really delicious hobby. For a few years now it stopped being just a hobby but became my life, my Sweet Ela.

I am Cristina Voicu and I create desserts!

In everything what my team and I do besides the best and high quality ingredients, we also put souls, that is why all desserts are unique and I am very proud to say, very tasty! I didn’t say so, you do, by coming back and calling after the event and sending messages that are melting my chocolate heart 🙂

Kiss you all and hope to see more of your happy smiles!


+40 726 012 806
57 Strada Gheorghe Pop de Băsești
Bucharest, Romania